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Goddess Health

Nutrition, Performance, and Recovery

Healing and Balance on all levels

Peri-/Menopause Powerhouse Program

Feel energized and happy again, feel rested and restored when you wake up, and ditch the bloat and belly fat for good.


You've heard it before from your doctor:  "Everything's normal."

But you know that everything is not normal.


If you're finding yourself dragging through the day, completely forgetting what a good night's sleep even feels like, forgetting everything for that matter, moody and crabby, bloated and getting bigger around the middle, and wondering if you just need to go on some kind of medication because you don't know what else to do...You've come to the right place.

At Goddess Health, we walk you through prioritizing your self-care, improving your gut health, reducing stress and inflammation, and blasting the that you can feel energized and happy, rested and restored, and like your days of rbf are gone forever.

Nutrition, Performance, and Recovery for Everyday Athletes

Maximize your gut health, improve your performance, shorten your recovery time, boost your energy, mood, and motivation, and ditch the bloat.

You're an "everyday athlete" in your 40s or 50s.  You run, bike, swim, lift, or do whatever you do to be healthy, to get stronger, to enjoy life and community, to have goals, to be awesome.

But--you find yourself tired all the time, totally unmotivated, frequently injured, uncomfortably bloated, unsure how to fuel, feeling stressed in general, dragging through your workouts, wondering if and what supplement of the many that you should be taking, wondering why you just can't seem to improve, and not enjoying this the way you used to.


And your doctor tells you "everything's normal"--but you know everything is not normal.


At Goddess Health, we compassionately walk you through a step-by-step process of getting your energy and motivation back, improving your performance, recovering quickly, reducing inflammation and bloating, getting off the injury wheel, and finding peace and joy again in what you love.

The Four Things

Every woman in peri-/menopause and every female athlete needs to know to feel happy and energized, finally feel like they've gotten enough sleep, and ditch the bloat and belly fat for good.

IFS Coaching

Connect with your Self and your parts in a deeply compassionate, curious, and even playful way.

Find deep inner healing.  Trust yourself again.  Tap into one of your greatest Sources of healing:  YOU.

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Outdoor Handstand

Distance Reiki

Experience deep inner healing and balance on all levels.

Tap into an ancient, profound source of deep wisdom, love, and light for healing and balance on all levels.  Whether you experience chronic pain, depression or anxiety, nagging injuries, or simply want to experience a life that is fully alive and balanced, schedule your distance reiki session today.

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Client Testimonials

I made the decision to sign up for coaching with Lauren. WOW!!! Truly a decision that has changed my life. Lauren is truly amazing in her knowledge and personality. She walks the walk and enjoys empowering other women. Not only did she help me with “the what to eat” and daily exercise goals, she gave me the greatest gift…. the gift of “HOPE.” Hope for a better day, hope for a brighter, joyful, less painful future. She helped me realize that it was ok to love me, to take care of me, to make my goals and to reach them."


“I am no longer hitting that “afternoon wall” until almost bed time. [In the first couple weeks] I have lost a total of 3 lbs by eating more food! I am no longer bloated at all and I received a compliment this week that I look slimmer. My clothes fit great. My mood is much more excited/happy than irritable."


"Working with Lauren taught me how to celebrate small accomplishments, and small accomplishments lead to bigger goals.  Learning to take care of your body is actually enjoyable once you decide to make time for yourself, instead of beating yourself up!"


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